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Sue Gordon Resignation Letter

Sue Gordon Resignation Letter. Sue gordon's note on her resignation: Barack obama dan coats donald trump joe biden joseph maguire russia shelby pierson sue gordon resignation letter sue gordon washington post trump impeachments trump intelligence briefings trump james comey trump leaked israeli intelligence to russians trump russia trump ukraine trump intel briefings sue gordon.

Dan Coats disrupted meeting to urge Sue Gordon to resign
Dan Coats disrupted meeting to urge Sue Gordon to resign from

In a handwritten note to president trump alongside her resignation letter, gordon appeared to suggest she was pushed out. Sue gordon's note on her resignation:“mr. Did drop off a resignation letter.

In A Handwritten Note To President Trump Alongside Her Resignation Letter, Gordon Appeared To Suggest She Was Pushed Out.

Sue gordon's note on her resignation:“mr. But in a note accompanying her resignation letter, gordon made clear her departure was an “act of respect & patriotism, not preference.” “you should have your team,” she wrote. I offer this letter as an act of respect:

The Dni Head Is Out:

You should have your team. You should have your team. Gordon wrote her resignation letter on august 8th, four days before the so called “whistleblower report” was sent to pencil neck schiff.

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Sue gordon's note on her resignation: Sue gordon was in line to be acting director of national intelligence after dan coats quit last year. Details of the conversation between gordon, an intelligence veteran of more than 30 years, and coats remain unclear.

Axios’ Jonathan Swan Confirmed That Gordon Had Dropped Off A Resignation Letter And That The President “Wasn’t Expecting The Letter, Though He Wasn’t Ever Going To Pick Her As Acting Dni.” On Sue Gordon, Per Sources Familiar, She Was Never In The Oval.

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Sue Gordon, Deputy Director Of Us National Intelligence, Wrote To President Donald Trump In Her Resignation Letter On Thursday That He Was Entitled To His Own Staff And Signed It.

Read her handwritten letter to trump. Gordon has submitted her letter of resignation to vice president mike pence. Sue gordon (rumored leaker) was an obama holdover.

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